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Music Composer for Film and TV Nga Weng Chio

A great score tells a unique story.

"Weng is a highly-skilled, talented composer, orchestrator, and great collaborator. Her work is exceptional, as in her attention to detail. She is genuinely engaged in the entire process of media scoring. Her positive attitude shines through in her ability to be a wonderful collaborator in an array of settings, from working with a director on creating the right tone for a film, to being part of a team."

--Lolita Ritmanis (Emmy, Grammy® award winning composer)

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My name is Nga Weng ("Wing")

Composer | Orchestrator | Arranger

Born in Macau, Nga Weng Chio is an emerging game/film composer who currently resides in Los Angeles. She is one of the composers in the all-star composer team for the highly-anticipated RTS game “Stormgate”, developed by veterans from StarCraft II & Warcraft III at Frost Giant Studios. Working closely with Penka Kouneva as orchestration assistant, she contributes to projects such as Overwatch 2 and Diablo IV. Besides, she is in the orchestration team of Nolan Markey working on projects such as League of Legends, Avatar: The Last Airbender and The Legend of Vox Machina, contributing to various blockbuster franchises. Besides, she contributed to the music team of Steve Jablonsky for Borderlands Movie based on the video game franchise. Beyond video game scoring and orchestration, she's deeply engaged in scoring for films, having composed for two features and numerous short films/animations showcased at festivals. As an exceptional collaborator, she has crafted music for commercials for entities like the Macau Government Tourism Activity Institute, Macau Tai Fung Bank, and General Association of Chinese Students Macau. Before relocating to Los Angeles, she interned at Shanghai Netease Games as an assistant composer.

While attending the Shanghai Conservatory of Music, Weng established a solid composition foundation. Since then, she has continued her education at the University of Southern California, where she is pursuing a Master's degree in Screen Scoring, where she got the opportunity to conduct her own music with orchestras in Warner Brothers Studios, EastWest Studios, Evergreen Studios, and John Williams Scoring Stage, etc. As an accomplished classical pianist, Weng has holds Piano Performance Diploma as a Licentiate of the Royal Schools of Music. Her musical style is as diverse as her cultural background and musical upbringing, brilliantly fusing the unfamiliar with the familiar.

Presently, she is working with the Frost Giant Studios team in shaping the soundscape for the upcoming faction of Stormgate, exploring the boundaries of creative possibilities.

Film Composer Nga Weng Chio
"Ponyo" | Composition Project @ Warner Bros. Studio, Los Angeles



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